Alexey Kondakov’s pairs classical art with contemporary city scenes

Alexey Kondakov

Alexey Kondakov decontextualizes Renaissance masterpieces’ and stages them in contemporary decors. Using photomontage techniques and modifying the appearance of the photo, muses, angles and others figures are perfectly in compliance with their new environment:



The work of Alexey Kondakov


Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov superimposes Renaissance masterpieces onto photographic scenes of modern life. For his latest series, the “Napoli Project“, Kondakov has employed Italy, the home of the High Renaissance, as his platform.

Kondakov uses his background in graphic design and photo manipulation to create these head turning new works of art. He renders the figures in oil paint lets them pop from there surroundings.

Kondakov has recently wrapped up an exhibition of this series in Naples. But, you can keep track of his future shows and see more of his superimposed creations on Instagram.





Alexey Kondakov details





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