10 Artowrks of Trump from 2016

Trump 2016

Artist: UrbanMedium

Trump as Hitler

Artist: Pegasus

“History often repeats itself,” Pegasus added. “People are too often ignorant to the fact or surrender to fear mongering. Hopefully my image, along with thousands of other images created by artists all over the world will give voters the wake up call they need.” – Pegasus

“Rape Trump”

Artist: The Indecline collective

The title is a reference to Trump’s repeated characterization of Mexican immigrants as “rapists” last summer. “We want to raise awareness [about the] horrible shit he said,” a member of the collective told Vice in October. “Controversy works better than something subtle.”


Trump x Magritte

Artist: Butcher Billy

To define the surreality that is Trump’s campaign for president in 2016, Brazilian artist Butcher Billy produced this impressive street art series, drawing inspiration from Belgian surrealist icon René Magritte (with a dash of orange).

“Trumpty Dumpty”

Artist: Ron English

Artist Ron English’s “Trumpty Dumpty” is on the side of a building overlooking the Jefferson Street L train subway entrance in Bushwick.

NAMED Trump 2016

Artist: Indecline crew

“Smokin Trump”

Artist: Jules Muck

“Clown Trump”

Artist: Jules Muck

“Kanye Trump”

Artist: Jules Muck